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When you think of Gemini and Leo, you can instantly imagine two children playing. One of them is full of ideas and always on the move. The other is a leader.
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Leo Man and Gemini Woman. Related Posts Gemini in Love: Fun, Flirtatious and Fickle? Leo and Gemini Compatibility: How Compatible Are You? Your Details are Never shared.

Leo Man Gemini Woman Compatibility: Positive Traits

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Leo man and Gemini woman

Be there for us You don't have to come up with a solution, sometimes you just need to listen. You may think you're the king I think it turned out a little long, but this Gemini gal had a lot to say!

I'm married to a Leo. When we were good we were super But one time it did last for a long time and we drifted apart, though living in the marriage. Leos would never be the first one to walk out, unless there is another woman. TIP -- do not try to share the spotlight with him. He'll push you out Fawn over him and he'll smother you with love, care and compassion. We never stop talking or touching.

We live with a little distance between us so we don't see each other often with work and children.

Leo and Gemini

He has been involved with an Aquarius woman in his recent past that he has said wanted more than he could give and she is now "stalking" him. Do Leo men let go of past relationships before starting a new one, even when everything with the new one seems perfect? Am I wasting my time and feelings with him? I have had to create separation from her because of her dependency to a low self esteem always having to verify herself by garnishing attention in a provocative way, espesially when she was drinking alcohol.

I am a Gemini woman, dated a Leo man in high school. I got tired of his crap, stopped talking to him. We are both from the north, but lived in Florida, get this We are now living together for 5 months, engaged to be married. He treats me like the queen I am. I never knew him to be such a great guy, loving, caring, very affectionate, drops everything for me, romantic, and never ever wants to lose me again. I feel the same about him. He says we were destined, soul mates, meant to be. I feel the fire.

It feels so wonderful to be loved by him. Gemini and Leo make a great couple.

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Look I can't even lie to you Ima Gem and in all these stories I haven't once heard that any of you Gemini women have given any of these men children. One thing I always read about Gemini women is that we don't want children. Patricks day and through the crowd I saw him and it was like love at first site. I men I was late an everything and I stopped to talk to him. And I think him being the Leo man he is loved that cause , like everyone knows they love there attention.

How to Make Leo Man Fall in Love With Gemini Woman – Love Compatibility

We'll we had an active relationship before the kids I mean we did some pretty cazy things and always fun. I wined and dined that m,an simply because I love to serve or at least I like to play that role with hjim. I guess he just brings that part of me out anyway When I first got with him he was working, and as soon as he felt he wasn't getting paid enough for the hard work he did, I mean this man wanted the promotion he deserved bad. Not to say he didn't deserve it.

Leo Man And Gemini Woman Compatibility

But the man quits his damn job and never went back So me being the gem I am I am unorganized free spiriterd and messy a lot of the times. But I have been taking care of myself since I was 15 years old and have had a job ever since and I am us to taking in people from runaway girls to hungry people The Lord has put that spirit in me and I love to use it But Its like he knows I am going to make sure our kids and him don't have to want for anything.

The love we make is strong and passionate and gentle and I let him take control and when I do ohhhh buddy We cry together we argue and I always let him have his way He controls how I raise our girls and whenever theres anything about me he doesn't see fit he will tell me to change it and not let up But if I say anything about him needing to get a damn job, take care of me, protect me from his mean carzy sag mother, have my back, and work with me and not against me Im crazy insecure, tryna control him , and I just hate when he has fun or when he is busy Now All of these things are going on and we are not even together, he asked me to marry him before and I didn't give him an answer cause we werent together and I was with someone else.

So any suggestions because I love this man and far from contary belief no matter where I go who I talk to I kep coming right back to the same thing which is my love for him. But I love to talk like any gem and I love to be around people and I love to flirt and it's getting hard. What shall I do. I'm a Gemini women with a Leo man almost 7 years. He cheated on me with a Leo woman in front of her professing his love to her. Overture of his love to the new women. I worked with this other married women who smiled in my face every day while messing with who I thought was my man.

I don't know why after they went to the extent of running behind my back to be together within a few weeks afterwards they supposedly was finished. What use to be my Leo wanted me back. States the incident brought him closer to me. The incident only distant me from him. I'm now ice cold, unforgiving, we can have sexual relations but its nothing more to me then a romp in the sack.

I love him but I no longer love him the same.

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  8. I mean to him everyday once in a while his generosity passifys me but I can't let go the feeling this well never be real for me anylonger. Secretly I'm planning to move out. He's upset, However I haven't been with anyother men in person besides my ex Leo. I'm waiting for when I'm single. OMG the chemistry is truely unbelievable I don't know what to do.

    Intially, I think both of us felt the chemistry but now I think reality has set in Donno what to do. I am Gemini gal who has just started an amazing relationship with a Leo guy. We started off as fiends friends who had an underlying attraction to each other hehe. We met in college, we ended up having the same class together.

    God, when I saw him, I remember thinking how absolutely beautiful he was. And, those sparkling blue eyes At any rate, he was so shy But wasn't afraid to tell me that he thought I was so sexy. It made me laugh, how forward and direct he was!

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    From the first day, we just had this lovely unexplainable connection. We exchanged Yahoos, Myspaces, and Facebooks lol. All we were was friends, good friends. And, not because he didn't want to be more, but because I was tied down to a very abusive man, who I had been living with off and on for 3 yrs, and also because this extremely sexy Leo is 4 years younger than me I'm The thing about Leos is that when they want you, really really desire you, they will stop at nothing to havd you.

    So, he spent the next 11 months yes, I said 11 lol asking me out, trying to see me, be with me, whatever. I refused to see him for that entire 11 months. But, we communicated a lot through Yahoo and text. During this time, he became my best friend So protective so caring. YES, he is egotistical, self-absorbed, but he never once bragged about himself.

    And, he was always more concerned with my life, my happiness. He'd want to know how school was going for me, if my life was okay. He even asked me to come live with him, when I finally told him I lived with my abusive ex I refused. He was always there for me, making me laugh through tears lol. His sense of humor is just amazing.